Hot Shots for Halloween!

Halloween is quickly approaching. While we are hurrying with costumes (buying or making!), decorations, treats for distribution and, also, worrying about the looming holiday season starting the day after....keep the camera out in the open! Because there are moments that you will want to capture.  Here is a list of some golden moments you'll want to snap on your camera. These will look awesome as they are - or blend seamlessly in a year-end birthday video!

Snap these stills on your camera;

  1. Before, during and after the costume dressing process.  On the 'after' picture - try to place your child in the same spot every year (like the tree in the front yard). This makes for a fantastic comparison or time-lapse in the years to come!
  2. Take in the decorations as part of your photos. If your house is like mine, our decorations continue to change and evolve with the age of the children. Did they help with carving the pumpkin or hanging some "creepy" decorations outside?  Get it in the shot!
  3. The 'home again' photo. Capture the tiredness of the kid's faces. But see how that changes with the revelation of their candy collection! Get a shot of the spread. It will be fun to see what types of candies were popular throughout the years.

If you can, snap some short videos (like <15 seconds);

1. The dressing process. Don't worry, you don't need to capture every second (leave time to snap the camera) or have to watch through that torturous time over and over.  The boring parts can be edited out. Or, they can be sped up. Also fun to watch in forward then reverse!

2. Watching them walk from behind. So cute for the little ones. While the sun is setting, you may luck out with a silhouette shot!

3. Their excited reaction to the candy unveiling! Almost (almost) like Christmas. Just a warm up.

Have fun. Savor the moment. Capture it for later. Brush your teeth.