Your Hot Shots for Christmas

Christmas is so much more than December 25th. It's the anticipation and all of planning, chaos and love that goes with it. It's a season. Capture every, single, precious moment on film. 

Here is a list of must-haves;

Christmas Tree

  • Picking out the tree. 
  • The tree before trimming
  • The decorating. Be sure to get some close-ups of the kids carefully hanging an ornament. If you have any new or special ornaments, align it with a light and snap a close-up. 
  • Star or angel on top of the tree. Try getting to down and shooting up at an angle.
  • Presents under the tree.

Christmas Baking

  • Picture of the recipes
  • Ingredients lined up on the counter top
  • Action shots
  • A messy kitchen
  • The final product
  • Eating the final product! (Or licking the spatula/bowl!)
  • Final product in packaging

Christmas Decorations

  • A shot of all the containers of decorations
  • Before and after room shots
  • Close-ups of your favorites
  • Stockings hung on the chimney
  • Advent calendar + the countdown
  • Place a Santa hat on each family member for a portrait shot. Or, if you have enough hats - take a family photo (be sure to use a tripod and timer!)

Other ideas

  • Picture of Santa's list
  • Christmas cards - ones you are sending and the cards received
  • Santa's milk and cookies
  • Reading a Christmas book
  • Holiday movie time
  • All dressed up, together

Video Clips

  • The big 'discovery moment'! 
  • Opening and enjoying the gifts (of course!)
  • Mom and/or Dad with their coffee!
  • The making of Santa's list
  • Any snow time outside
  • Waiting in line to see Santa
  • baking - in stages; recipe, during and finished product
  • Reading a Christmas book
  • Crafting or building a gingerbread house
  • Countdown/Advent daily reveal.