Documenting a Special Relationship

Relationships. They evolve, develop, intensify, dissolve. Constantly changing. But always filled with emotion.

How do you capture that emotion? The one that brings you to tears. The one that makes your heart flutter. The one that makes you beam with pride. 

If you haven't been already, take pictures. Like, now! Pictures tell a story.  They can bring an emotion back to life. Whether over a long period of time or just a moment in time, pictures can make memories tangible. 

First, determine which type of relationship you will be documenting. They come in all forms; families, marriages, friendships, siblings, teacher/student, hobbies (motorcycle, airplane, art, etc.)  Next, do you want this to be focused on an event or occasion? Or focused on a journey/a specific course of time?  Now, combine the pictures with some special mementos and you can tell one beautiful, poignant story. Here are a few ideas of pictures and mementos to collect;

  • Photos that capture emotion - from a reaction, from quiet moments and silly moments!
  • Photos that capture the ebb and flow between past and present.
  • What is unique about this relationship? Do you have inside jokes? Take a picture. What do you really love about this subject? Take a picture.
  • Favorite things; food, hobbies, color, toys, places you've been, favorite places you like to visit or play, etc.
  • Ticket stubs from movies or concerts, text messages, cards or letters, receipts to restaurants or special purchases, show programs, etc.
  • You may want to consider recording your voice. You can just talk openly about the relationship, read a poem, lyrics to a song (or sing, if your blessed with a voice!). Are there other people involved in this story? Maybe draw up some questions and interview them about the subject. 

One way of presenting this keepsake with in a container - Michael's sells lovely, decorative boxes. Or make it something more meaningful or fun. Use a take-out bag from your favorite restaurant or decorate a shoe box with your own pictures, sayings and nostalgia. 

Of course I recommend a video. This way, you can add your special music to the story. Music is a great way to evoke emotions. And your voice recordings can be added, as well. (Can't put that into a shoe box!) Don't worry if the photos are not professional grade - they are yours! Plus, I touch them up for you as part of your package.

Now there is your excuse to cuddle up on the couch and eat popcorn!

For some more inspiration, I recommend looking around the website of Kirsten Lewis. She photographed my family at the beach one year and I've been following her journey around the world ever since.  She is a talented artist and has an amazing perspective on documenting family life. Sometimes the perfectly, posed pictures aren't always the best ;)