How to Keep a Video Journal of Your Wedding Journey

It’s official. There is a date marked on the calendar that will forever change your life. One of THE most important days of your life. Hold on tight, because the days leading up to the big day will soon be a big blur. You will spend the next few months planning and buying and celebrating. But I think ‘capturing’ should be on that ‘to do’ list…even near the top! There are so many happy moments in between now and the wedding day. Why leave the video for just the big day? A wedding is not just one day. You deserve more. A wedding is a journey filled with growing, discovering and celebrating each milestone along the way.

So Why Video?

Pictures are easy at capturing the journey. True. But here’s a case for more video:

  1. Video captures the emotion better. The sounds of laughter, words of wisdom, the toasts. The actions of dancing, hugging, crying (happy tears!).

  2. It lets you relive the moment - takes you back in time each time you watch it.

  3. You’re more likely watch a video on your phone, TV or IPad versus pulling out a photo album - and that’s if you remember where you put it!

  4. Easier to share. You don’t have to be in the same physical location to share moments with friends and family. There are many video sharing sites that allow you to watch together, across the miles!

  5. Video is more forgiving. No blurred, flashes, too dark images that are too late to take back. Video gives you time to make adjustments. And you can cut out whatever you don’t want!

  6. You can show your videos in the background at bridal showers or engagement party or the rehearsal dinner as a nice added touch.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Keep the video clips short. Don’t let the camera roll for the entire shower or flower consultation. Capture the place, setting and the people. That’s priority. The rest is just for fun.

  • Start as close to the beginning of your journey as you can - you can keep adding onto the journey from there. The proposal would be awesome, but you don’t always know when that is going to happen! Something you can do is each take a turn sharing the proposal story from your own perspective. And get that on video!

    • Other milestones you’ll want to capture: engagement party, wedding planning, dress shopping/fitting, bachelorette party, shots of where the ceremony and reception will take place, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner.

  • Some additional ideas to place in the video journal:

    • collect stories about the bride and groom from friends and family,

    • capture special places for the two of you, like restaurants or where you met or places of shared interests,

    • add pictures from your childhoods as well as pictures as a couple.

    • At the reception, you can ask guests to record a message. Or designate an interviewer to go around and interview guests.

    • Rehearsal dinner, you can even record a message from the bride and groom presented to the special guests.

    • Another alternative would be to have each of you (bride and groom) keep a video journal throughout and then swap videos on your wedding night or first anniversary!

Before you get started on this adventure, there are some equipment requirements you want to make sure are covered:

  1. A camera. This can be your phone, camera or tablet. Anything that takes decent pictures - at least at 12 px.

  2. If you want to show videos at various venues, make sure the venue has a projector. If they don’t, you can rent one. Or purchase a nifty projector that you can play off of your phone. Of course a USB to connect the phone or laptop to the projector. And if there is not a screen, some kind of plain background. A white wall would be ideal. Or, you can bring a long a plain, ironed white sheet!

  3. Speakers. Depending on the size of the room where the video is being played, you may want to bring along some portable speakers. Some reasonable ones through Amazon.

Planning a wedding is a major, at times chaotic, undertaking. But once the wedding is over, those memories get as stale as the cake. Keep them fresh and exciting by recording the events leading up to the big day. But, of course, you’ll want to capture every second of the big day. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a videography - you can ask friends to capture their videos and share them. There are even apps created for this purpose.