Why You Should Be Taking More Video

Snap. Click. The ability to take a picture is always at our fingertips.; our smart phones are within arm’s reach and we most likely own at least one of a wide range of cameras that fit any budget or skill set . No question, when it comes to capturing each stage in life - pictures are priceless.

But don’t let the still shot steal the spotlight! With each of those devices; phone, tablet, camera - there is video capability that is being ignored. And for no good reason. Pictures are nice to capture a moment. Or a landscape or a recipe from a magazine in a doctor’s office (so I hear). However, there are even more reasons to start pushing the record button. A prime example - I’m putting together an anniversary slideshow. The pictures will bring back some amazing memories and maybe bring out some teary-eyes. But I can’t help but think how moving and emotional it would be to have audio and//or video clips of the couple speaking - whether it be from 40 years ago or last month. In this instance, I will interview the couple and play the audio clip during the slideshow, which will certainly help. But having original video with sound makes a tremendous difference. That’s just one reason to take more video. Here are a few more:


  1. You can capture sounds. Waves crashing. Babies giggling. Kids laughing. Grandparents reminiscing. Music.

  2. Emotion. You can watch raw emotion play out in a scene.

  3. Narrate. You can narrate a scene - offering an explanation to the viewer. Be a tour guide. Or be a play-by-play reporter. Or just deliver important and/or interesting information.

  4. Playback. Video is more fun to play back than swiping pictures. There is more context contained in a video. It takes you back to a specific time and place.

  5. Economical. Chances are, you won’t be printing out a lot of pictures. It gets expensive - whether you take them to a store or print them yourself. And who has the time or energy to sit at a computer and open each file? Videos are easier to cast or project on a screen and sit back and enjoy - basically free entertainment.

Now that you are geared up for shooting more video…


  1. If using a phone - hold it horizontally.

  2. Take short clips - 3 to 15 seconds will capture a moment. Unless it’s a speech, performance, sports game…you may need longer clips (and bigger data storage).

  3. Speaking of storage, videos can gobble up storage space quickly. You can slide those files either to a cloud storage (Google, iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox) or to an external hard drive.

  4. Steady yourself. You’ll want to strive for a steady hand. Either keep your arms against your chest, or using a prop to keep the camera steady. Also, I try letting out a long, slow exhale while shooting, or holding (if it’s under 10 secs!).

  5. While shooting, try to capture the surroundings, so the viewer can get a feel of where and when the video was taken!


  • Pretty much anything you take a picture of!

  • Your surroundings. Today. In this moment. You can take this shot for each season, just to compare.

  • Interview someone. Or just one question. Capture a voice.

  • Anything that is in motion. A bee visiting a flower. A dog playing catch. Your child on a swing. Capture the emotion. The sounds!

  • There are many cool apps that allow you to video 1 sec - 3 sec/day. This is a great challenge to find something to video each day. You will be rewarded at the end of the year when you watch it back!