A Video Slideshow Tribute to Mom

Being a mom for 9 years and having a mom for over 40...I've come to observe that homemade gifts are what melt moms' hearts. It's the time, the thought and the true emotion put into the gifts that really make an impact. Whether it's a hand-drawn card or a craft project, these are the gifts that mom treasures and holds onto (for years and years)!

But what if you're not crafty? Or you (or your kids) are getting older and have moved beyond the "cute" stage?

A gift that captures every emotional attribute AND is easy for her to hold onto (something that the moths won't feast on in the attic) is a video montage. Yes, you're saying, it is a personal, unique gift - but I don't have all that time. And "she" manages the family photo files.

Have a camera on your smartphone? Or IPad? You got this. Starting today, take some photos - not all posed. But shots of her doing loving things...lovingly.  See the care and work she puts into family life and let her know you notice.  Capture it on your camera.  Title it "Thank you for all you do".  Or, catch her in her natural beauty. or from the kids' point of view and title it "From our perspective".

Don't just shoot stills, you can incorporate short videos. Like, real short - 2-10 seconds short. She doesn't have to be in every shot, either. Take shots of her 'touches' - folded towels, plates of food, her work clothes/laptop bag, bedtime routine items...any impressions that she leaves around the house. 

There is available software on IMovie or Windows Movie Maker, or you can even leave your photos/videos on your phone and download an app. Magisto, Power Director and VideoShow Video Editor are some highly rated apps for this. And don't forget the background music - it really adds to the emotion.  You can find music on the YouTube Audio Library or there are other sites with free licenses and use of the song. 

Good luck!