Scavenging for Summer Fun?

It's summertime - THE best time for the year for making memories. But, admit it parents, there is at tiny piece of you that thinks, "Oh crap, now I have to be an event coordinator...every day...for over 2 months...". Well, this activity can help. It's flexible - adaptable to many ages, lengths of time and challenges. And it's a win-win for all - kids get off the couch AND can take their electronics with them!

The Summer Scavenger

The foundation of this activity is to take a photo or video of each action item in whatever theme you choose. Then, at the end of summer, place the shots or clips into a fun keepsake project that they can have in their rooms or take to school. 

First step: Pick a length of time you want to fill; hour, day, week, all summer.
Second step: Pick a theme. This is where you can go are just some ideas;

  • Checking off the summer bucket list (if you make a bucket list for summer, take a photo of them completing the item) Here is a good summer-long list!
  • Different bugs or flowers ('dig up' a list of bugs or flowers in your region and set them on a hunt!)
  • Around Town - make a list of places and popular items around town. As you pass or stop by them over the summer, get a shot!
  • Good Deeds - if your family sets a goal to accomplish some good deeds this summer, make sure you get them on film!
  • For the little ones - make a list of finding items for every color of the rainbow, or shapes or textures or even numbers (say 1-10!)
  • Take a shot of the foods you eat this summer! Whether it's at the stadium or park or a trip or even at a loved local joint, take a close-up!
  • Make a summer scrapbook of all the activities you do - amusement parks, nature parks, museums, even the mall. Record them. You'll be amazed at how much you cram into your summer.  You can group them together or each one separately. 
  • For the older ones, create a 'selfies' list - locations where they need to get a selfy picture. Or, here is a link to a creative video hunt for Tweens. Also for the older ones, you can turn this into a timed competition. Or even a challenge - where they need to solve riddles or problems before getting the clue!
  • If you are looking for more ideas, here is a good photo hunt list!

Third Step: Take the pictures or videos (be sure to keep video clips very short - like <5 secs.)
Final Step: Take this files and create something that will help them remember what a great summer this was! Here is a list of suggestions:

  • - You can take a photo and have it made into the cover of a notebook - perfect for back-to-school (one thing off the list - yah!)
  • Download a photo collage app - they will take pictures right from your phone and make them into a fun, color collage. 
  • Or print a collage, photo book or canvas through Shutterfly or PicMonkey. (Sign up for their emails for special deals!)
  • Buy blank cards from Michael's or Walmart and when it's time to send a thank you or note into the teacher, print one of your photos and, using double-sided tape, affix them onto the front of the card!
  • Contact me to create a fabulous video set to music and special effects! 

Have a fun and safe summer!