Premiere a Thankful Slideshow at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner. A time to give thanks. But do we really do that during our dinner conversation? Or does Uncle Phil end up reminding everyone who they should have voted for? And Aunt Helen goes on and on about how you should be saving your money? And Grandpa drones on about kids and their electronics these days?

Time to get everyone on the same page this year by premiering a Thankful Slideshow.  It is a slideshow showcasing what you are most grateful for right now and this past year.  It is something that everyone can agree on.

You can put one together is just a few steps:

1. Gather your thankful list.  It doesn't need to be a long list, but at least 15 slides will hold attention.  You can brainstorm on this list solo or you can include the kids and, if you're feeling especially patient - ask family members for their contribution. You can even just ask for 5 ideas from each family and consolidate them into one show.

2. Once you have the list together - are there any items which you have an associated picture? Most likely, there won't be pictures for every item, but pictures do make it more emotionally interesting. This slides can be a mix of words and pictures.

3. Enter them into your computer. You can use Powerpoint, or a free slideshow program to make things simple. If you would like to add special effects, transitions and music to your video, I can help with that!

4. When it comes time for dinner (before, during or after!), you can premiere your slideshow either on a tablet, a laptop, TV or you can rent a projector if you have lots of guests!

4. Mix it up. You can have a kids version and an adult version. Or have each family make their own (set a limit to slides!). It will be fun to see everyone's perspective from this past year.

Starting this Thanksgiving, consider creating your 2017-2018 Thankful List for next Thanksgiving. If you are disciplined enough to write one each day, that pays off in more than one way! But just jotting them down in a journal as you think of them will also work. Remember to try and snap some photos to complement!