Videography and Video Editing


We capture amazing moments on a camera everyday. Or we should be.
Because far too soon, these moments become memories. And memories fade.
If these moments were worth capturing forever, then we should be enjoying them…forever.
But we forget about them. We store the files away. Or worse, delete them to free up space.

So take care of them. Relive them. Share them.

I offer videography services for families and small businesses for all occasions. I also edit custom videos that pull together video clips and still pictures from your life and transform them into a digital, keepsake video slideshow, with music and effects all customized to your tastes, your story, your life.

Video is so important for capturing the emotions of a moment; it captures sweet sounds of family, breathtaking sites, awesome adventures and laugh-til-you-cry moments. It captures carefully choreographed first dance, the sincerity in a toast, the pride of an award acceptance, the giggle of a tickled toddler.
All these things that still pictures cannot capture.

You have a beautiful story. Capture it. Savor it. Share it.


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The occasions are countless! Birthdays, weddings, memorials, anniversaries, vacations, graduations...view a few sample videos to see the possibilities!

How It Works

Your video is customized to YOU! To ensure your complete satisfaction, there is a short process that gleans information that will be key to a fantastic video!


10 Reasons to Create a Video

There are SO many reasons to create videos - even beyond the obvious reason - they are so fun and touching to watch. Over and over again!
Plus, it saves your smartphone from a few extra germs from sharing your photos! Here are some fun, but very practical reasons why you should create a video slideshow.

Video Tips

So what makes a good video? What should I be taking pictures of?

Whether you are a pro, hobbyist or proud mom, your pictures and videos can look good on the 'big screen'. View other tips on my blog like; Exciting Kids Sports Videos, Graduation Video Gift, Heartfelt Tribute to Mom, Birthday Tribute Video

“That many had ventured farther and done so in finer style bothered me not.
My journey was my own and I found it to be quite spectacular.”
— Markus Pierson

Why Via Muse Videos?

There are many fantastic options out in the market for creating video slideshows. So why choose Via Muse Videos?

Personality. Not mine, yours! Most slideshow services offer a standard set of cool transitions and fancy backgrounds. But that doesn't mean a flowery frame fits a city girl's personality! My videos are not only custom to your photos and videos, but to your personality. I will work with you to match the sounds, sites and effects to your video so that it'!

Professionally, I have about 20 years experience in Marketing Communications (Via Muse Marketing). How does that make for a better video? Well, there are two reasons. 1) In Marketing, striking emotions is key. Whether you tug at heart strings or aim for the funny bone. So I know how to invoke emotion into any line of communication. 2) Marketing is primarily about storytelling. It's about creating an interesting, chronological story.  In addition, I have the skills to use various software in creating a visual to match all of the emotion.

Personally, I am a HUGE believer in capturing life on film. Whether it be video or photo. Life goes by fast! And that means that our memories fade over time in order to make room for new ones. So lock it in. But then what? We store files on our computer or phone. Maybe once a year, we go through them. Smile. And then leave them behind. Putting them into videos allows you to relive them, but this time with sound and music and cool effects. Best part, you can watch it over and over with just a click of a button!