Do you have boxes and carousels full of old slides and film? Even photos - when we had to print them in order to see them!? Don’t let them go to waster. Relive the memories for generations to come.

I offer scanning of 35mm slides, film and photographs into digital files.

There are add-on services to basic scanning:

  • Cleaning/Dusting. Slides, negatives and even photos cling to dust. It’s amazing how many spots show up on a scanned photo. I will clean each slide or film prior to scanning to help eliminate the annoying spots.

  • Photo touch-up. I will use professional grade software in editing and fine-tuning your digital photos. Make colors vibrant. Lighten shadows, fix under or overexposure.

  • Video slideshow. Files will normally be returned on a purchased hard drive, depending on the quantity. You also have the option of having the files put into a slideshow with music, or easy, enjoyable viewing.